Чистая вода ДВОРЦОВАЯ - производство и поставка минеральной питьевой воды, бутилированная питьевая вода в офис и дом. Самара. <>
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Pure, fresh water is a key to your health

Dvortsovaya Water is a Natural Spring Water, Historically known for exceptional taste and quality. Located in a beautiful lonely rural landscape of National Park "Samarskaya Luka", Unique Source of Water lies more than hundred meters below earth surface surrounded by nature with wide layers of white clues and sands protecting Water from environment impacts. More than a hundred years of observations shows permanent chemical structure and mineralization of water. Naturally-Low mineralization and Silver ions contained in water making it the best source for your health and longevity.


Our story began with the visit of Catherine the Great to the Estate of Count Orlov-Davydov – the location of the Syzran Springs. The empress noted exceptional taste and health effects of the water served to her during the visit. Furthermore, she learned that the locals enjoy good health and tend to live longer. Thus, on August 4th, 1773, Catherine the Great signed a decree to have the Syzran Springs water delivered to her Royal Court by oak barrels. This tradition continued for the next generations of Russian monarchy, until the year 1917. After the Revolution, the Syzran Springs were forgotten. However, in 1995, OOO Aqua rediscovered this unique water and started to bottle it under the name of “Dvortsovaya” – the Royal Palace Water.


Our bottled water has been certified with kosher seal of approval, verifying that it complies with the standards of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). It ensures that our manufacturing process is going under strict control of Russian Department of Kashrut of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia.


Our fully-automated water bottling plant gives us opportunity to exclude any human contact with product starting from water well and bottle production to ready to go product. Permanent control and laboratory testing on every stage of the production guaranteed excellent quality of our product. The most important part of our manufacturing philosophy is to keep this ancient water untouched. Nothing artificial is ever added to the water and it kept pristine.